“The ABC of Organic Agriculture” 4 days with Jairo Restrepo (course given in October 2013).

Jairo_RestrepoJairo Restrepo, admirable educator, consultant and Agronomic Engineer, mixes seriousness and scientific rigor with a rebellious character. With more than 20 years of experience, working on every continent, Jairo encourages us to experiment, improve and share our achievements and experiences. This 4 days course transmits practical tools to work in the favour of nature, improving production and quality of crops, while we regenerate the fertility of the soil.

This course includes:

  • Bioavailable nutrition for crops.
  • Soil health and regeneration.
  • Fast compost to create new soil.
  • Reproduction of native microorganisms.
  • Hot and cold mineral stock.
  • The capture of microorganisms.
  • Improvements in animal nutrition.
  • Analyses of the soil within the farmer’s reach.

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