Sepp Holzer is an Expert in Permaculture who integrates existing knowledge with his own investigations and observations of the environment. The central focus of Holzer’s Permaculture is the regeneration and healing of the lands and landscapes through the construction of areas capable of holding water.

In 2005 Holizer initiated in Valdepajares de Tajo an exceptional hydrological reform. He created water reserves, with the aim of retaining humidity and creating microclimates. In this way he succeeded in revitalizing the pastureland of Valdepajares. He built what we have called “The Garden of Dreams” surrounding a dead oak, to honor the majestic tree at the end of its life, creating an excellent place to promote the growth of aromatic plants. Thanks to all his labour and exceptional work, Vivencia Dehesa was born as a great project of regeneration and diffusion of this private natural space.

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