Vivencia Dehesa is, nowadays, a reference of regenerative agriculture.


Vivencia Dehesa – Agriculture and livestock. The most representative landscape of Extremadura, that defines us, is to what the Vivencia Dehesa team dedicates its labour. Between centennial oaks, livestock share space with deer, partridges and, in winter, with crane, which constitute an overwhelming spectacle in the mists of morning. 

agricultura regenerativaRegenerative Agriculture – Our project:

A bet for the future for the development of the pastureland, from 2012 we began to work on regenerative agriculture. The purpose of the mixture of techniques used is a healthy and fertile ground. The new crops are based on the concept of “Keyline”. In this way water retention is increased and the root development of herbs is facilitated, like this we acquire a more fertile profile of the ground. We produce and use our own organic compost and biofertilizers, using materials and products from our own estate.

Plan of grazing- rotational grazing:


“The system of rotational grazing is the most advanced and efficient technique of managing pastures, based on harmonizing the principles of vegetative physiology with the qualitative needs of animals, with the growing improvement of the ground, through biotic processes, under the intervention of man” (Voisin)

Our livestock is managed in accordance with the principles of holistic management. Following a plan of rotational grazing, adjusted to the needs of the livestock and the ground at each moment.