avistamiento de aves y fauna

Enjoy the silence, listen and interpret the sounds of nature. Forget time and enjoy every moment.

Ecotourism and birdwatching – Enjoy the experience of our pastureland. We offer routes for professionals, schoolchildren, groups of disabled people and nature lovers in general. An experience to watch, listen or photograph birds and fauna in their different habitats.

It is an experience with privileged surroundings where different environments are intertwined. A cared and regenerated pastureland, wetlands where life is concentrated, allowing us to contemplate the spectacle of wildlife and the the wooded area, a thick and perfumed undergrowth of lavender and cistus, it is the refuge of true forest species such as the beech martin and northern goshawk. A place of shelter for an extraordinary variety of wild fauna, it is also a refuge for deer and wild boar.

Animals that are very easy to see include: birds of prey (black and red kites, buzzards, marsh harriers, short-toed eagles, owls); waterfowl (mallards, royal and imperial herons, egrets, storks, kingfishers, herons); forest birds (orioles, shrikes, serins, bee-eaters); mammals (otters, deer, roe deer, wild boars), reptiles like the ocellated lizard and amphibians like the midwife toad or green frog (“ranita meridional”).

The routes are adapted to each group, and the difficulty is altered. Groups are formed of small numbers of people, to ensure the success of the trip. The routes are guided, with expert and careful advice given to the visitor.

Nature photography

If your passion is nature photography, Vivencia Dehesa is the best place to capture unique images. Special photography routes are provided, with exclusive guided groups remaining hidden for hours to capture the best images of birds, the landscape or mammals.

If you want to live this experience, contact us at vivenciadehesa@gmail.com