The skeleton of a great dead oak was clearly visible from the viewpoint of the house of Valdepajares de Tajo, a black point that stood out from the landscape of the revitalized pastureland. During one of the seminars that Sepp Holzer was giving at the estate, the Austrian genius woke up one morning with the ideal solution. A garden surrounding the oak would be built, to honor the majestic tree at the end of its life.

Surrounding the base, a beautiful spiral of aromatic and medicinal plants; with large dry branches a dome was create on which jasmine grew; and crowning the treetop, a viewpoint from which all of Valdepajares de Tajo can be seen. The result has been spectacular and magical, the old oak has sprouted again, full of life, year after year it continues to flower and give fruits.

The Garden of Dreams is today a charismatic landmark, one of our identifying marks. Under the shade of the protecting oak the perfume of a great variety of aromatic plants can be enjoyed; from the viewpoint an excellent perspective of all of Valdepajares de Tajo can be witnessed