An introduction to regenerative agriculture with Miguel Angel Llorente.

IMG-20140621-WA0004Specialist in Biological Agriculture and Permaculture and a Chemical Technician. Son of farmers and lover of this work, he first developed regenerative agriculture on his family farm and later through diverse formative projects in Spain, England, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. This course provides first contact with the proponent techniques of regenerative agriculture which over time we have been developing and practising on our estate.

This course includes:

  • Key line. Techniques of measurement and execution.
  • Organic compost and bioprepared. Preparation of a pile of ‘Bocashi’, a fertilizer and reproduction of native microorganisms.
  • Minimal labour techniques and preparation of clay balls (Nendo Dango)
  • Rotational grazing. Basic principles of controlled grazing.
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